Sati Pithas of Bengal

Sati Pithas of Bengal is a significant topic to be discussed on the auspicious day of Kali Puja. Kali embodies and is the epitome of Shakti, feminine energy and strength: creativity, fertility, destruction and death. She is worshipped as the ultimate destroyer of evil. Kali or Shyama meaning ‘black’ is called so because she is … Read more

Gorumara National Park On National Forest Martyrs Day

11th of September is declared ‘National Forest Martyrs Day’ in India, since 2013, by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India. Have you heard of this day before? This day is observed to recognise the exemplary courage, dedication and sacrifices made by the forest personnel, in India, for the protection of … Read more

Happy Birthday to the city of Joy, Kolkata

‘The city of joy’, Kolkata, which was previously known as ‘Calcutta’, has a chaotic sweetness to her everyday mundane. The warmth of the place instantly makes one belong here. It is a city beyond brick and mortar, driven by crazy emotions, love for Durga Pujo, food and football. I wish my city a very happy … Read more