Ariti and the Little Fairy

‘Ariti and the Little Fairy’ is Ariti’s story. This is a story of and for Ariti, my cute little niece living in Ireland. On her 4th birthday, which was on 30th June, 2021, I gifted her this handmade book. I wrote the story and literally, the story is hand written with painted illustrations. This is … Read more

A Matter of Time

Why This Story, ‘A Matter of Time’? Since 2020, because of COVID-19 pandemic, we all have experienced what prolonged stuck at home means. I feel it was most difficult for children to cope up with this situation. For them the world seemed to have stopped. They felt lonely when their guardians were busy working the … Read more

An Evening in Chamoli

This story, ‘An Evening in Chamoli’ has been published in the book called ‘Magnificent Pearl’ by I am sharing the story below. The Story: An Evening in Chamoli I could feel tremors. I rushed through the hilly pine forest back to the main road but my car was no longer there. It was dusk … Read more