Unfolding Shiva, My Way

I am a non religious person but trying to explore various aspects of spiritualism in my own way. So, whatever you are going to read now are absolutely my thoughts. The unfolding of the idea of Shiva and all the concerning elements that complete his image is put down below. These explanations are my personal understanding of Shiva and not … Read more

Travel Lover’s Synonyms for My Friends

Travel Lover’s Synonyms for My Friends is what I wanted to write about today. As it is friendship day, while talking to my friends, I got this idea. Most of my closest friends and I bond over travel. There are some synonyms for travel lovers with thin line of difference between each which we often ignore … Read more

Easiest Steps Towards Conservation of Nature

28th of July is observed as the World Nature Conservation Day with the aim of establishing a healthy environment for a stable society. Definitely, one single day is not enough but we, as responsible human beings, must implement some simple habits in our daily life which aims at conservation of nature. These little steps make … Read more