Planning for 2022: New Year Resolutions

Planning for 2022 is essential because even though life is uncertain and unpredictable, planning keeps us prepared. Planning is the pathway, at least we know, what we want from life. Let us try to live to our fullest potential in 2022, without being harsh on ourselves. Wishing all a happy 2022. Reflecting over 2021: Reflecting … Read more

Christmas in Kolkata; What It Means to Me

Christmas in Kolkata is definitely not a snowy Christmas and is different from that seen in West or the Orient. Yet, it has its own sweet charm, I keep waiting for. Christmas in Kolkata means holiday; friends and family; party, music and food; and gifts, music, lights and décor. However, Christmas is symbolic of generosity … Read more

Sati Pithas of Bengal

Sati Pithas of Bengal is a significant topic to be discussed on the auspicious day of Kali Puja. Kali embodies and is the epitome of Shakti, feminine energy and strength: creativity, fertility, destruction and death. She is worshipped as the ultimate destroyer of evil. Kali or Shyama meaning ‘black’ is called so because she is … Read more

Take Away from Durga Pujo of Kolkata

There’s a list of take away from Durga Puja of Kolkata and I am going to share them, reminiscing the just spent Durgotsav, 2021. Durga Puja or Durgotsav is far beyond a religious festival. It is an emotion and an experience in itself. Everything about this festival is hyperbolic for a Bengali. Understanding Art, the … Read more

Mahalaya at Kumortuli, the Land Where Gods and Goddesses are Made

Kumortuli, the traditional potters’ colony of Kolkata is renowned for potters with terrific clay sculpting prowess, who not only regularly make idols for various pujas and festivals but also export them to various parts of the world. These artisans have been living in this area of Northern Kolkata since ages, collecting clay from the river … Read more

Happy Birthday to the city of Joy, Kolkata

‘The city of joy’, Kolkata, which was previously known as ‘Calcutta’, has a chaotic sweetness to her everyday mundane. The warmth of the place instantly makes one belong here. It is a city beyond brick and mortar, driven by crazy emotions, love for Durga Pujo, food and football. I wish my city a very happy … Read more

Travel Lover’s Synonyms for My Friends

Travel Lover’s Synonyms for My Friends is what I wanted to write about today. As it is friendship day, while talking to my friends, I got this idea. Most of my closest friends and I bond over travel. There are some synonyms for travel lovers with thin line of difference between each which we often ignore … Read more

Easiest Steps Towards Conservation of Nature

28th of July is observed as the World Nature Conservation Day with the aim of establishing a healthy environment for a stable society. Definitely, one single day is not enough but we, as responsible human beings, must implement some simple habits in our daily life which aims at conservation of nature. These little steps make … Read more

Biriyani Tales

Biriyani tales are inseparable from Eid for most Indians. Available in luxurious fine dining restaurants, Biriyani in India is often a festive and exotic delicacy. At the same time it is a regular street side affair as well. We have countless varieties of Biriyani in India with the twist of cultural overlap and local influences … Read more